Tint is being applied to a windshield

How to Remove Tint From Car Windows

Some drivers apply an aftermarket tint to their car’s windows for privacy and to block UV rays from the sun. While this can help improve your driving experience by reducing glare, it can also lead to several problems. Not only will it age, but some areas have laws that limit how much a window can be tinted. However, knowing how to remove window tint from cars is not something that every driver knows.

Fortunately, not only are there several effective techniques that can be used to successfully remove tint from windows, but they’re easy for almost anyone to perform. If you want to learn how to remove tint from car windows, here are three techniques you can use.

Razor Blade Method

The first technique we’ll look at utilizes a sharp knife or razor blade to get the job done. To begin, carefully lift the corner of the window tint and use your blade to peel it off. Depending on how long you’ve had the tint installed, this can be a relatively easy method. For example, if you want to learn how to remove tint from car windows that have air bubbles, then the razor blade technique will be the easiest. This is because the bubbles are a sign that the adhesive has already melted, meaning it’s easier to peel it off.

Of course, this method can be a double-edged sword. Given how sharp knives are, it is possible to accidentally damage your car windows if you’re too forceful. If you’re having trouble using this technique, consider applying soap and water to the windows to loosen them up. Otherwise, you may want to try another method entirely.

Hair Dryer Method

Another way of knowing how to remove window tint from cars involves a trusty hair dryer. Although this can be a slower method than other techniques, it is effective nevertheless. 

Start by rolling down your car window so that you can reach the top portion of its tint covering. Then, plug in your hairdryer, put it on the highest heat setting possible, and then gradually run it over the tint until its glue has melted enough to be peeled off. Next, use a razor or knife to peel off the loose edges — if you’re capable of using your hands to remove the tint, do so instead. As you peel, continue to run your hairdryer over the current location you’re peeling.

Ammonia and Soap Method

Although the ammonia method is an effective way of knowing how to remove tint from car windows, understand that it is also a caustic chemical that can damage your car’s interior and hurt your skin. As a result, you must take necessary precautions when pursuing this technique by wearing gloves and covering your car’s interior as well. 

To begin, cut garbage bags in a size that adequately fits the inside and outside of your windows. Afterward, spray a soap and water mixture on the exterior side to help the bag stick to it better. With the bag in place, apply ammonia to the interior side of the window and quickly cover it up with your bag. You’ll now have to wait a period of time to allow the ammonia to loosen the tint’s adhesive, which can take around one to two hours. Once the window tint is ready to be removed, peel it off and use a knife if any areas are still stuck.

Alternatively, if you don’t own ammonia or don’t want to use it, you can stick with soap and hot water.

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