colorful paint pen on car windows

How to Remove Paint Pen From Car Windows

Whether you want to celebrate a sporting event, graduation, or another special occasion, drawing paint on car windows is a fun way to show your enthusiasm and spirit. However, as fun as writing messages can be, getting rid of the paint is another story. Knowing how to remove it can be hard if you’ve never done so before, as the method can change based on certain factors. If you need help removing window paint, here are some pointers you should follow.

Wash Windshield

Before you get started removing window paint, you’ll benefit from washing the windshield first. Any dirt or debris present can scratch the glass as you swipe the cleaning cloth. Use a bucket of warm water along with automobile-specific detergent. The initial wash is an important part of the preparation process because it can also help soften up the paint for removal too.

Clean Away Paint

It’s time to clean away the paint using a special solution or cleaning agent. However, the type of paint used will alter which cleaning method is preferred. 

Water-Based Paint

For water-based paints, you’ll want to use a soapy concoction of warm water and detergent for the removal. It’s entirely possible that your initial wash will get rid of any water-based paints entirely, making them among the easiest kinds of paint to remove.

Permanent Marker or Oil-Based Paints

For oil-based paints or permanent markers, you’ll need a more powerful cleaning product. When cleaning permanent markers, you’ll want to utilize lacquer thinner or acetone and a paper towel to rub the paint off. Be sure you protect yourself from acetone by wearing rubber gloves and a protective mask.

Another cleaning agent you’ll want to consider is WD-40, as its ingredients are safe to use on vehicles. After applying it to the paint, let it rest for 10 to 20 minutes to activate, and then remove it with warm soapy water. If necessary, repeat this process multiple times. You’ll also want to make sure to remove any remaining WD-40 from the glass, as it can smear in rain and other driving conditions.

Scrape If Needed

Use a razor blade to carefully scrape away remaining paint on the car window. This is a good method of removing window paint that won’t come off with cleaning agents. Be extremely careful, as the blade can easily scratch the glass if not used properly.

Final Wash

The last step to removing window paint is washing the windshield one final time. Paint can leave behind a residue that can impact visibility. One last wash will ensure that your windshield will be completely clean. You may want to consider using a glass cleaner to finish the job as well.

There are some windshield problems that removing window paint can’t fix — but we can. Delaware Auto Glass offers various services to improve your car, including mobile window repair and automobile window replacement. For more information and to schedule your appointment, give us a call today.