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Windshield Replacement Safety

The windshield in your vehicle does more than keep out the wind and rain. It also keeps you safe in the event of an accident. As the first line of defense, your windshield protects you from flying debris both from the road and from impact with other vehicles. A properly installed windshield adds structural integrity to your vehicle and helps to prevent roof collapse in the event of a rollover accident. Your windshield is also essential to the deployment of the passenger side air bag.

In order for your windshield to perform these vital functions, it must be installed correctly. Any gaps in the adhesive or damage to the windshield can cause it to fail when needed most. The windshield replacement experts at Delaware Auto Glass follow industry-standard safety protocols to ensure every windshield they install is done correctly. Plus, Delaware Auto Glass backs up every windshield replacement with a one year guarantee!

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