can a rock chip in windshield be repaired

Can Rock Chips in Windshields Be Repaired?

Chips on a windshield can happen for a variety of reasons. Wheels commonly throw small objects like rocks behind them while a vehicle is in motion. Beyond just degrading the aesthetic condition of your ride, rock chips can lead to other issues as well. 

But this begs the question: can rock chips be repaired? While there are some caveats you should know about, the answer is yes. To learn more, here’s an overview of whether repairing a rock chip in a windshield is possible and what it actually entails.

Why Is Repairing Rock Chips Important?

Driving your car when there are rock chips in the windshield can be dangerous. Not only will they obstruct your field of vision and they can lead to more damage in the future. If you ever have an accident while driving, the presence of rock chips will increase the chances that the windshield will shatter. As such, addressing chips before the damage spreads will help you avoid more costly repairs in the future.

When Is Chip Repair Possible?

If the size of the rock chip or crack is small enough, it will be relatively easy to fix. Specifically, repairs are possible for chips less than one ¼ diameter. A common method of measuring this diameter is by placing a quarter on the rock chip; if it’s smaller than the coin, a repair is possible.

However, should the size of the rock chip exceed the diameter of the quarter, then a replacement windshield is needed. Further, the depth and shape of the rock chip can also play a role in determining if repairing a rock chip in a windshield is possible. By taking your car to an expert, they can help identify whether you’ll need a repair or replacement.

How Does Chip Repair Work?

While repairing a rock chip in a windshield is much easier than it sounds, it is still recommended to have a professional take care of it. After driving your car to a technician, they’ll inspect the chip to identify whether a repair is possible. The technician will clean away any dirt, debris, and loose glass shards, so there isn’t anything in the way of their repairs, and then get started.

When repairing a rock chip in a windshield, technicians will inject a clear epoxy resin into the damaged area. This resin will then harden and bond with the inside layers of the glass. Lastly, your technician will remove any air in the repaired area so that there won’t be any bubbles left behind in the epoxy. The entire chip repair process can be completed in an hour or less, and when you drive away, your windshield will be just as strong and smooth as it was before.

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