A Cracked Windshield

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks are an issue that most car owners will have to deal with at some point in their driving career. When windshield damage happens, drivers often question whether or not they need to have an auto glass repair or replacement. Knowing about the different windshield crack types can help you make an informed decision when taking care of your vehicle.

Windshield damage comes in all shapes and sizes and is brought on by a variety of forces. Here are some of the most common causes and windshield crack types that you might experience on the road.

Damage Caused by Impact

Impact cracks are a type of windshield damage caused when an object (such as debris, gravel, or a rock) strikes the glass. This type of windshield damage can be identified by looking for an impact point and any cracks that extend out of it. The following types of cracks are typically quite small and can be fixed with a quick windshield repair.

Windshield with star crack.

Star Break

Just as the name implies, this type of windshield damage looks like a star. There is a center point of breakage with lines extending in various directions. These cracks can weaken your windshield if not taken care of.

Windshield with bull's eye crack.

Bull’s Eye

A bull’s eye crack is almost like a chip but runs deeper into the outer layer of the glass. The crack is circular in shape, hence the name “bull’s eye.” These are some of the most common types of cracks and can be fixed quickly and easily by a certified technician.

Windshield with half-moon crack.

Half-Moon Crack

Similar to the bull’s eye, this type of crack is caused by something hitting your windshield and damaging the outer layer of the glass. The difference between these two windshield crack types is that the bull’s eye is circular in shape, while the half-moon will look like a half-circle or oval.

Non-Impact Damage

Not all windshield damage happens because something hit your windshield. Other types of cracks come about due to changes in temperature, pressure, or faulty installation.

Windshield with long crack across glass.

Long Cracks

These are linear cracks that spread over 15cm. This type of damage is difficult to repair, so the windshield will most likely need a full replacement. These are commonly caused by sudden temperature changes and extreme hot or cold weather.

Windshield with edge crack.

Edge Crack

Edge cracks are easily identified. They are line cracks that start at the edge of the windshield. This kind of damage happens due to excessive pressure on the sides of the windshield. If your windshield was not installed properly, you are likely to experience this type of breakage.

Windshield with stress crack.

Stress Crack

Stress cracks often show up on older vehicles. Years of usage put stress on the glass, causing it to weaken over time. If your car has a stress crack, a windshield replacement is absolutely necessary.

Windshield with combination break.

Combination Break

A combination break features more than one of these windshield crack types occurring at once. For example, a star crack might have a line that extends over 15cm, causing a long crack. With multiple types of damage, combination breaks are usually fixed by replacing the entire windshield.

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