Delaware Auto Glass’s Top 5 Winter Driving Tips for 2021

Though winters in Delaware don’t usually get as cold and snowy as other parts of the country, that doesn’t mean you should let down your guard when driving this winter. Take our advice and stay safe while avoiding an emergency, same-day mobile window replacement by practicing our top five tips for winter driving.

1. Don’t Max Out the Speed Limit

When it’s cold outside, driving at the maximum speed limit may seem like the best way to get to where you’re going fast. But, don’t fall for it. While you might make some headway initially, you’ll make much better time if you adjust your speed to the road’s conditions and allow plenty of time to get to your destination.

2. Adjust Your Speed Gradually

Hitting the gas or stomping on the brakes can be very dangerous in the winter months. If roads are slick, your vehicle could spin out of control or may be difficult to stop at a second’s notice. Instead, accelerate and decelerate slowly to avoid losing control of your vehicle.

3. Avoid Cruise Control

Cruise control is one of those nice-to-have features in your vehicle that can help make a long trip more comfortable. Unfortunately, the weather and traffic conditions in the winter months change so rapidly that maintaining the same speed is difficult (if not impossible). Stay alert and aware of what the road conditions are particularly when roads may be slick or icy.

4. Get Your Vehicle Inspected

When you need to stop your vehicle suddenly, your tires and brakes need to be able to get the job done and help you avoid an accident. If your vehicle isn’t in the best shape, get an inspection to determine if there are upgrades needed before the coldest winter months arrive. If you’ve noticed the brakes have become less responsive or your tires are showing wear and tear, take care of those problems as soon as possible.

5. Maintain Your Distance

When driving in pleasant weather, you should stay far enough away from cars to see the bottom of their tires and a safe distance from trucks (you should be able to see a truck’s side mirrors). In the winter months, you should extend the amount of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you to allow for sudden stops and precipitation. Failure to maintain a safe distance increases your risk of an auto accident.

Need a Windshield Repair? We’ve Got You!

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